When energy data access research intersects with university teaching


For the past three semesters, the EDDIE project has been pivotal for Computer Science students enrolled in two courses at the University of Vienna: "Foundations of Networked Systems" and "Cooperative Systems." These courses exemplify the fruitful synergy between research and education. These courses exemplify the fruitful synergy between research and education. In the practical parts of the courses, the students work on a real-life use case provided by project EDDIE dealing with downloading energy data as an energy consumer or producer and programming a decision-making end-user dashboard. The course concept was developed by the course lecturer and EDDIE’s project coordinator Dr. Oliver Hödl together with the technical coordinator of EDDIE Georg Hartner.

The challenges from the European Distributed Data Infrastructure for Energy (what EDDIE stands for) are fed into the course material and the students results are input for the project. This has proven useful already after the first iteration in the winter semester 2022 where the students’ project work served a pilot study published in [1]. In the past winter semester 2023, the third time EDDIE was part of the course, also EDDIE’s lead data architect Wout van Voornveld was involved as a guest lecturer giving a talk at the University of Vienna on the internal workings of the Common Information Model (CIM), the European standard for energy data exchange.

So far more than 153 students have been engaged in EDDIE and the challenges related to European energy data access. The course matter on EDDIE also attracts an increasing number of students at the University of Vienna who wants to do their bachelor’s or master’s thesis on a related topic. Currently, the fourth semester of this success story where research on energy data access meets university teaching is running.

[1] V. Karagiannis, S. Kashyap, N. Zechner, O. Hödl, G. Hartner, M. Llorca, T. Jamasb, S. Grünberger, M. Kurz, C. Schaffer, S. Schulte, 2023. A Framework for Enabling Cloud Services to Leverage Energy Data. 11th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2023), Boston, Massachusetts, USA, September 25.–28. https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/10305833

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