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IoT and Edge Computing EU funded projects landscape

AIOTI WG Standardisation prepared a report on IoT and Edge Computing EU funded projects landscape, release 2.

This deliverable provides landscapes of EU funded projects focusing on IoT and edge computing.

Energy Data Space policy paper

Goal of this policy paper is to give a short technical introduction to the topic, providing references for a deeper analysis, and then to focus on the identified opportunities, challenges and necessary actions for a quick deployment of a common European energy data space. For this reason, the document is as much as possible technology agnostic and focuses on the next steps for the concrete implementations.

A Framework for Enabling Cloud Services to Leverage Energy Data

Aggregating energy data at scale becomes challenging, as it requires achieving compatibility with diverse platforms. To address this challenge, we propose a cloud-based framework that handles all interactions with energy providers and prepares the data for further processing by services.

Data Sovereignty at the Edge of the Network

Data sovereignty upholds that data is subject to the rules of the data provider and the applicable laws of the country where the data is collected. To achieve data sovereignty, various approaches have been proposed which rely on cloud computing resources to provide users with the necessary functionality to exchange sovereign data.


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