The Clean Energy Package establishes customer rights to access energy data and share it with chosen eligible parties, fostering the development of new data-driven services within and beyond the energy sector. However, the lack of standardized procedures across the EU poses a significant obstacle to the implementation of such solutions. Currently, actors adhere to national practices, hindering interoperability and limiting growth opportunities. These challenges have broad implications on an industrial, economic, and social scale in Europe and beyond.

To address these issues, EDDIE introduces a decentralized, distributed, open-source Data Space, in alignment with the efforts of the EU Smart Grids Task Force on Implementing Acts on Interoperability and other European initiatives. The European Distributed Data Infrastructure for Energy (EDDIE) significantly reduces data integration costs, allowing energy service companies to operate and compete seamlessly in a unified European market. Additionally, an Administrative Interface for In-house Data Access (AIIDA) ensures secure and reliable access to valuable real-time data based on customer consent.


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